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Discover Exquisite Silk Flowers by Post, Beautifully Crafted Artificial Orchid Flowers & Plants That Look So Real – Superb Orchid Flower Arrangements & Centrepieces…

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For Beautiful Silk Flower Bouquets, Artificial Plants and Faux Floral Arrangements

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Why Choose Bloom Silk Flowers UK

Bloom Silk Flowers are designed to replicate nature’s delicate work, each petal, leaf and stem has been hand-crafted so that each individual flower is as unique and beautiful as the real thing.

Silk flowers by Post

Arranged into bouquets, set into vases or simply sold as stems, Bloom’s flowers offer everything that real flowers do, but with no watering, pruning or wilting – just everlasting beauty.

They are not just a visual delight; with a range of different scents they will also fool your other senses too. More than 10 different aromas, each one crafted to replicate the delicate yet mesmerising perfume that a fresh flower gives off.

Shop online with Bloom today and buy an arrangement that will look good for years to come or a gift that will delight for a lifetime.

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“Joy Of Spring Arrangement”

Happiness, like laughter, is infectious – and this bubbling, chuckling, frothy display proves it. Comprising freesias, tulips and narcissi against a background of ferns, it defies you to feel down in the dumps.

Add a drop or two of our freesia scent and it feels like the sun’s come out. Positive thinking never looked so pretty!

Some recent reviews…

“Great flowers and perfect service. I’ve ordered arrangements from Bloom a number of times now. Every delivery was perfect and every bunch of flowers was perfect. I couldn’t recommend them enough.” Robert C.

“Great prompt delivery, beautifully packaged and so beautifully made you can hardly tell from the real thing.” Mary T.

“Beautiful Flowers. I have not been disappointed with anything I have ordered.
The flowers have fooled some of my gardening friends” Linda C.

silk flowers uk

“Bold and Brilliant Standing Tulips”

This arrangement will look stunning in your home. Astonishingly realistic, breathtakingly beautiful and all ready to enjoy. This arrangement is a customer favourite and is deservedly so.

About Bloom

Bloom is the country’s leading silk flower retailer and part of the largest mail order company in the UK. But the ‘seeds’ were planted in California. On a trip to Los Angeles, Tiffany (Founder Of Bloom) saw a new generation of artificial flowers. A million miles from the crude, mass-produced plastic versions that were generally available, these were beautifully designed, painstakingly made and amazingly realistic. For her it was a ‘wow’ moment. Unlike any faux flowers she’d seen before, they were – quite simply – a revelation, and an inspiration…

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Geisha Freesia and Orchid Arrangement

Arrangement of pink, fuschia and purple orchids, freesias and muscari in a glass vase

Every Bloom stem, posy, bouquet and arrangement is carefully researched, individually designed, and made by hand.

Bloom silk flowers will still be looking ‘picked this morning fresh’ not just next month or next season, but next year and for years to come.


Artificial flowers are not all the same. Compare Bloom stems and arrangements with ordinary fake flowers and the difference is immediately apparent.

But put Blooms beside real flowers and from as little as 10 inches away, it’s impossible to tell them apart.

What’s the secret? Painstaking attention to detail born of Tiffany’s passion for flowers – a passion that translates into an obsession for authenticity.

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